What a good sub is and why I should strive to be one. Good means being respectful being polite being proud not having any prejudice against others . These qualities are only a few of what it takes to be good and all these translate into being a good sub as well. Being respectful shows you are respected though you are owned you are not a piece of meat and do not need to feel like one (though on occasion it’s a major turn on to be used in this manner….hehe). To be a good sub you have to realize that all your actions will reflect on your owner , owners family, your fellow subs, if you act bad your mistress will not be seen as a good Mistress due to your actions. Though I believe respect is earned not given I also believe that an open mind is of the utmost importance if you are to be a “good sub”. therefore it is imperative that you be willing to give those around you the benefit of the doubt especially on matters that you are not too familiar with because part of being a good sub is to be able to take directions well. The ability to obey is another quality of a “good sub” the ability to understand and follow directions show your willingness to please you mistress. You must be respectful of other dominants though you may or may not be required to kneel to or address them as sir or miss you must still offer them your respect until such time that you not respecting them is warranted. If that becomes an issue you and your dominant should be open and honestly discuss your feeling on it and you must listen and respect your dominants feelings on it as well. You must be kind to others. You need to have an understanding of your submission you must communicate with your dominant and you must love your dominant completely and know they will always care for you and you must believe that they know what is best for you.. Now knowing all of this is easy, practicing it is not I honestly don’t think I do that now or am I sure I can accomplish everything I have talked about in this short essay. But My Mistress says she loves me and I believe that with all my heart and she says I am doing well and I am learning and as always in life all you can ever ask is for someone to be as good as they can be and to always strive to do better …….all that being said ….”Mistress I am a brat I play that part well because that is who I am. I know you know this and I know you love me anyway though I step over the line at times please believe me when I say that I want to be the sub you have always wanted, I want to feel that need for you in anyway I can. I love you respect you and will never leave you. I am yours for life. weather I am a “good sub” or not as far as what others think does not effect me. Your opinion of me is all that counts no one else’s……………………………LOVE YOUR GIRL…………….NIC

~ by Nicki Aker on February 12, 2010.

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