Goddess and the Family

well hello everyone havent posted in a while so thought id write something down today. was just sitting here in Goddess’ office with some of the family and friends and got to thinking about just how wonderful life really is. i have my love Jay sitting next to me looking gorgeous as always. looking across the desk at Goddess it occurs to me that she is one of the greatest people ive ever met, i know alot of people feel the same way so im not really saying anything new but just felt a need to blog about it. as i sit here i begin to think about how wonderful this whole family is. its a big family and everyone cares for everyone and that goes for family friends as well. i just feel so fortunate to have finaly found what feels like my home. i feel loved and i love you all, anyway just felt like i wanted to share a little of my feeling on this family with the rest of the world those that know what im talking about this ones for you those that dont well umm guess im sorry but hey its my blog ill write what i want….smiles till next time  loves you all

~ by Nicki Aker on February 22, 2010.

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