well well, im back hehe, I know I know been a long time since my last post.  anyway the break is over and i guess has been for a while now, Mistress and i are doing well we are learning more and more about each other. But something she did recently was really exciting in a wierd way. she decided she would no longer lock me up but she would tell me how to lock myself and once done i would have to hand over the keys i would have to put the restrictions she decided on myself, then once done give up any way of changing it. now I know it may sound wierd to those who know me as ive always been the type that you gotta take me cuz im not giving you anything but i have found that with Mistress Yar. that well she already has me so no taking is required:). it is really exciting to be made to lock myself up then give her the keys it just is,

Moving on, i am slowly coming to terms with Mistress Yar’s subside i am learning that supporting and even helping her to explore that side of her is really a good thing for me as well. she gets frustrated when she don’t and as you may or may not know a frustrated Mistress isn’t really a bowl of cherries to be around, the get grumpy, moody, and quite frankly lazy when it comes to their subs. but all this is completely understandable and though not easy to understand i am trying.

Mistress if you read this just know i love you and support you in all you do and will do my best to be there for you when you need me, Mistress said in her blog that if anyone see me with my keys out to lock me up for a while and send her pics and she will give a reward.. um for any of you that read this that have read hers that’s nothing more than a joke so don’t take it serious …..:)

anyway love you all and i promise to try to post more  TTFN

~ by Nicki Aker on June 8, 2010.

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