WOW! OMG!! has it been this long?

Well wow its been over a year since ive done this and so so so much has changed in my SL. Jay my wife has left her collar and for the most part she hasnt had the time to come to SL, she is back in shool again and studying to become a registered nurse and it takes alot of her time so between school and kids she doesnt get the time to be here but i know for a fact she loves you all and misses you, the good news for me is she is my best friend in our real world so i see her very often so its not so hard to lose her in SL.but there are times i miss her dearly here we used to have so much fun sitting and talking. Jay if you read this just know my love for you will never change.

Moving on now i am Coming up on two years with Yar, and i have to say im as happy now as i have ever been with her, i love her dearly, would not want to continue in SL without her, Mistress you never fail to give me what i need without me telling you what that is, you treat me better than i probly deserve and i can only hope i continue to make you happy,  Love you to the ends of the earth and beyond.

to all my friends i love you all, today i was looking at blogs and came acrossed Dio and Jen’s i sat and read some of the posts for awhile and i have to say that Dio and Jen are so loving and so caring, they have always been good to me and  i am so happy to know them and call them family, which i still do and always will.

lately it seems that if yar isnt on then i dont really have anything to do here, now i know this isnt true, but i get a little self conscious and sometimes i want to go see friends and hangout but i dont, the reason i dont is in the back of my mind i worry that for some reason i will not be wanted, well im deciding today and making myself a promise, i will be myself again i will not worry about things that i cannot change and i will open myself up to more experiences and i will re-kindle those old friendships that once were so caring. anyway ive just been babbling and probly not making a bit of sense to anyone (including myself) but i am gonna end this short post now, but promise to do at least one post a month and more if i can get around to it. so bye for now and i love you all XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. if anyone ever sees Yar Telling locked in any way please take a pic and send it to me im making me a new photo album called Mistress bound thankies loves ya

~ by Nicki Aker on September 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “WOW! OMG!! has it been this long?”

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Nicki. You’re always welocome to be with us. And you’re certainly family. I wish you at least two others years wearing Yar’s collar. 
    And if Jaycie reads this comment: you’re missed:-) 
    See you soon inworld

  2. You most certainly are welcome to our home wether we are there or not, feel free to treat it as a second home as you will always be family. Thank you for the kind words and I wish you and Yar a long and happy future together.
    In fact we must give Yar a guided tour and if she feels in need of a workout we have the perfect outfit for her. If in doubt just ask Delilah 🙂
    Take care
    love Jen

  3. You are such a brat but thats what i love about you..

  4. I think I may have some pictures of Yar all tied up. If not, I soon will.

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